Bob Ross


October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995

If television artist Bob Ross wasn’t the nicest guy in the world then I want nothing to do with the world.  Ross turned a love of painting and a lightning-fast technique known as “wet-on-wet” to soothe and entertain public television audiences for more than a decade.  In 1983, the former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant turned from the loud yelling of the military to the quiet encouragement of painting a “happy little” landscape in real time on PBS.  His show, The Joy of Painting, was wildly popular due to the minimal tools required and oft-repeated techniques. But, of course, the main attraction was Ross’ calming and eternally-optimistic demeanor and he became something of a pop-culture icon by the time his show went off the air in 1994.  It was his health that forced the show to end. Ross died of lymphoma just a few months after his final show aired.  He was 52.


Woodlawn Cemetery – Gotha, FL

Specific Location

Toward the back of the cemetery is a large statue featuring the Holy family in front of 3 arches, Bob is buried near the road in this section in front of this statue, just next to a tree.



One Response to “Bob Ross”

  1. Lucy Cockle Says:

    I love you Bob Ross.

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