Hollywood Forever Cemetery

I haven’t actually made it to Hollywood Forever yet, which seems ridiculous since I’ve been by it multiple times AND it’s probably the single, most-tourist friendly cemetery in L.A.  Next time I’m in Hollywood, it’s top of the list.

Notable Burials

Adams, Don
Blanc, Mel
Cody, Iron Eyes
Cornell, Chris
Davies, Marion
DeMille, Cecil B.
Eddy, Nelson
Fairbanks, Douglas
Finch, Peter
Garland, Judy*
Getty, Estelle
Hood, Darla
Huston, John
Koenig, Andrew
LaFontaine, Don
Lorre, Peter
McGavin, Darren
Powell, Eleanor
Power, Tyronne
Ramone, Dee Dee
Ramone, Johnny
Riddle, Nelson
Ritz, Harry, Jimmy and Al
Rooney, Mickey
Scott, Tony
Siegel, Benjamin “Bugsy”
Switzer, Carl “Alfalfa”
Valentino, Rudolph
White, David
Webb, Clifton
Wray, Fay
Yelchin, Anton


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