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Sal Mineo

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mineo1January 10, 1939 – February 12, 1976

Salvatore Mineo, Jr. skyrocketed to stardom in his breakout role as Plato opposite James Dean in 1955’s Rebel Without A Cause. The performance landed the 16 year-old his first  Academy Award nomination. His star continued to rise as he starred alongside Dean for a second time in Giant and in the titular role of The Gene Krupa Story. He also earned a second Academy Award nomination for his role in 1960’s Exodus. The exotic-looking Mineo was quickly typecast as a troubled teen and rarely had the chance to break it. He tried his hand in popular music, recording an album and a handful of singles that were met with modest success. Later in his career, long after it had peaked and began to decline, Mineo made headlines after going public with the fact that he was gay. In 1976, while performing to rave reviews in the play, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Sal was stabbed in the heart returning home by a pizza delivery guy. He was 37.


Gate of Heaven Cemetery– Valhalla, NY

Specific Location

Section 2, Plot 211; Drive up the main road – passing Babe Ruth‘s section on your right – and keep left until you get to Section 2, turn right into Section 2 toward the large stone tower, then take your first right, Sal and his family are buried to your right a little ways down, just past the FORSTMANN mausoleum, in the 3rd row from the curb



Babe Ruth

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February 6, 1895 – August 16, 1948

Look, I hate the Yankees.  I have hated the Yankees my whole life.  I HATE, hate them. Hate.

But, George Herman Ruth transcends mere pinstripes.  He is perhaps the most famous baseball player of all time.  Brandishing nicknames like “The Great Bambino,” “The Sultan of Swat” and – most simply and memorably – “Babe,” he dominated the game for 20 years.  He set records for nearly every conceivable hitting category and was instrumental in the explosion of baseball’s popularity.  Despite the uniform, he deserves all the accolades he has been given.

Besides, without Babe Ruth, the movie The Sandlot wouldn’t make  any sense at all. And that would be sad.


Gate of Heaven Cemetery– Valhalla, NY

Specific Location

Section 25, Plot 1115; Up the hill on the main road in the cemetery, turn right at Section 25, Babe’s grave is on your left about 50 feet from the road.


James Cagney

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July 17, 1899 – March 30, 1986

No matter how much I want it to be true, James Cagney was not a gangster in real life.  In fact, he was more light-hearted comedian and dancing showman than cold-blooded criminal.  But, whatever, I like the version of the ultimate mobster in my head better.

Either way, Cagney was a showman.  He showed his range throughout his career on stage (Vaudeville and Broadway) and in films.  He even tried to sing a time or two.


Gate of Heaven Cemetery – Valhalla, NY

Specific Location

Inside the main entrance to the cemetery is an outdoor, asterisk shaped mausoleum, Jimmy is interred in the first “wing” to the right (West) of the entrance, on the North side of  the 2nd corridor.