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Danny Gans

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gans1October 25, 1956 – May 1, 2009

Dubbed “The Man of Many Voices,” Daniel Davies Gans was a comedian, singer and impressionist who gained a significant amout of fame in Las Vegas where he performed in his own shows for over a dozen years. Gans was known for his vocal impressions of many top celebrities and was named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year eleven straight times. Prior to entering show business, Danny played baseball in college and in the Chicago White Sox organization. He also appeared in a couple of movies, most notably the 1988 Kevin Costner classic, Bull Durham. In 2009, Danny Gans died of an adverse reaction to a medication he was taking. He was 52.


Palm Valley View Memorial Park – Las Vegas, NV

Specific Location

Meditation Columbarium; Enter this section (which is just south of the main parking lot) and there are two half-wall sized blocks of niches, Danny and his parents are interred on the back side of the right-hand block.




Redd Foxx

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December 9, 1922 – October 11, 1991

Note to all aspiring comedians: Choose your catchphrases wisely.

Redd Foxx (shockingly, not his real name) was a popular comedian and actor who rose to fame with raunchy, explicit comedy recordings throughout the 1950’s and ’60’s.  But it was his portrayal of Fred Sanford on the NBC sitcom Sanford and Son that earned him his biggest success. The show ran for 5 years and followed the life of junkman, Fred Sanford (shockingly, Foxx’s actual father’s real name,) and, well…his son.  It featured a number of running gags, one of the more popular of which was Sanford often faking a heart attack claiming “This is the big one! I’m coming to join ya, Elizabeth!”  Well, after a number of other film and TV roles that spanned a long career, the “big one” finally got Foxx.  He suffered a heart attack of the set of The Royal Family and died.  No word on whether he and Elizabeth were ever actually reunited.


Palm Valley View Memorial Park – Las Vegas, NV

Specific Location

Devotion Section, Lawn Space 4091, 311 G; toward the middle of this section to the right of the entrance to the park.


Tony Curtis

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June 3, 1925 – September 29, 2010

Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz) was a devilishly handsome man. His looks and his broad range certainly made him one of the biggest stars of the 1950’s and 60’s.  He garnered attention with Oscar nominated dramatic roles (The Defiant Ones) as well as classic comedic turns (Some Like It Hot1 alongside Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe – directed by Billy Wilder) as well as more than 100 other projects.  He was also an avid painter – something he continued to do later in life, claiming to enjoy it more than making movies.

Curtis was married three times. His first marriage, to actress Janet Leigh, produced two daughters, actresses Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Tony battled a host of health issues his last few decades and passed away in his Nevada home from cardiac arrest at the age of 85.


Palm Valley View Memorial Park – Las Vegas, NV

curtis - mar 20, 2011 - las vegas, NV

Specific Location

Legacy Garden, Space PG10, Row 3; Behind (to the East) of the main mausoleum building there is a smaller mausoleum called the Legacy Mausoleum. Jutting off of this building to the Northwest is a small row of semi-private garden plots. Tony is buried on the Northeast side of this row, third garden in from the road.


1 – One of my favorite movies of all time.